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and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> and good evening i'm dan ashley. begin with breaking news out of pennsylvania. 3 people dead. several others wounded after gunman opened fire at town meeting tonight. reporter on the scene says gunman armed with pistol that had a scope fired to wall into
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the meeting. he saw smoke plaster flying as gunshots tore through the walls. you. man shot after he pushed aside a woman who had run to the door. witness say a local official tackle the gunman who was shot by his own gun. this happened in rural pennsylvania about 85 miles north of philadelphia. >> it was pretty chaotic and heck ticket i wasn't there but phone conversation i had in the beginning was very, very hecti hectic. this is a rural area too so it's kind of tough getting in there and getting things set up but now, scene under control now. >>reporter: we do not know yet whether victims of the somewha somewhating are township officials. officials say a property dispute likely led to this tragedy. >> back here. sigh of relief from commuters after move by the governor pushed back a possible bart strike. but tonight there is growing concern about another possible transit strike. union representing 1800 workers for ac transit is threatening to walk on wednesday. if the
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demands are not me. thomas has the story. >> i will have to probably start my commute at 4 in the morning. and figure out how much it will cost me to park out here. >> joanne of oakland is already trying to figure out how to cope if 1800 ac transit drivers and other workers strike on wednesday. thought of strike left sherry almost speechless. >> i don't know what to say about that. i hope they done. >>reporter: thomas and she are 2 of transit 181,000 rideers who depend on the service daily. in oakland local 192 president williams delivered formal strike notice to transit commissioners at ac transit headquarters. she says the strike notice would have gone out even if the governor had not stopped bart workers from walk out many the. >> we didn't make this decision lightly. it's very difficult decision to make. >>reporter: williams says the union management are close but 2 major issues have to be resolved. >> to provide male rest period
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for the transit operators. >> that's not part of the negotiations process that the point. >>reporter: clarence johnson the spokesperson for ac transi transit. he says the real stick point are wages and health welfare benefits. he says they may only be one percent apart on wages but presently the union contributes nothing to health benefits. >> currently we are asking them to pay 10% like all the other employees do and several proposal on the table that would get them to that 10% figure over the course of the 3 year contract. >>reporter: williams says although the union drew a line in the stand to strike wednesday morning there is wiggle room for continued bargaining without a strike situation. if we do make that progress we will continue to go past wed but would have to be significant progress with the number of issues. >>reporter: the bus will stop rolling wednesday morning without progress. this is abc 7 news. >> bart and union taking a breather mean time after last minute order by governor brown prevented transit strike today. bart union workers held lunch
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time rally at lake merit bart station claiming they are the only side negotiateing in good faith. bart disagree saying it offered more in salary over the weekend. transit officials say when mostly clear there wasn't a deal, they asked the governor to step in. >> i think the governor did it because bart proved itself inept at bargaining with to us get a deal. we think we can get a deal. want a contract motivated. >> union rejected our offer to do a 7 day extension so really the only course of action we had to prevent a work stoppage as two go to the governor. >>reporter: governor brown has been appointed a 3 person panel to investigate the contract dispute between bart and the 2 biggest union. fact finding probe runs for seven days. after that governor brown could declare 60 day cooling off period. >> hundreds of thousands of commuters certainly retleevd was no bart strike. many people got word last night that the trains would continue running as normal today. preventing a huge traffic mess. >> i'm glad. it cause as lot
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of unnecessary stress for the commuters. >> tm they are away apart but i guess delight put in by governor brown will help a little bit. >> we go become to the same situation next sunday or mopped and need to come to an end. it's been long in. many commuters say they are dreading what could happen next week when governor brown 7 day investigation comes to an end. >> mean time california assembly speaker perez weighed in today on the bart negotiations. he says he supports governor brown decision to launch one week investigation in the negotiations. and says he is bothered about i what he has seen so far. >> both sides seem to not be fully committed to a real deliberative negotiations process. i was very bothered to see chief negotiator from bart went off and took an extended vacation during that one month period of time which really undermine the ability to get to resolution. >> another strike could be devastating the bay area and affect the entire state econom
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economy. >> now we posted governor letter to bart and the union on our web site at 7 along with range of other resources just in case there's a strichblingt also find real time traffic condition and down load our exclusive abc 7 news way traffic app to help you navigate the freeway when do you head out. you cap get breaking news update any time on twitter. follow us at this web site. >> well thank goodness there was no strichblingt immanuel how much worse this situation would have been today as people tried to cross the bay bridge today. unexpected delay and lasted far beyond the morning commute. look what happened this truck caught fire at the foot of the westbound section of the bay bridge. happened at six this morning and did not get cleaned up until 3:30 this afternoon bringing the commute to crawl for most of the day. vick lee has look at why it took crew so long to clear this mess. >> charred billing rig finally removed by mid afternoon. crew
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separated the cab from the trailer and dragged them on to flatbed truck. the trailer was flat end. both were taken away by 2:30. clean up crew using absorbent swept the oil and rice vip gar mixture from the road wait a minute here's how it all happened. >> we have a similar. >>reporter: this was shot by patsing motorist when the big rig was fully engulfed. truck was moving west across the bridge around 5:45. when he noticed something wrong with his right front tire. >> i feel in like wobble on the front tire on the turn and then i hear at the time front tire blow out. >> driver pulled over to the shoulder just west of fremont street. >> i saw the flame come out from the windshield wiper so i grab the fire extinguisher but i see the flame and what i can do with the fire extinguisher. >>reporter: driver manageed to get out. minutes later the 18-wheeler ignite nude inferno creating a traffic nightmare.
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flames shooting 30 feet that the air. it took firefighters about an hour to extinguish the blaze. but the fire had already taken its toll as of midday 3 westbound lanes of i 80 still closed by the chp. this is the kind of bridge traffic we thought welcome back caused by a bart strike. >> we all we can up to find out that there was no bart strike and now we have this. >>reporter: as commuters inch along blocked lanes firefighters remove diesel fuel from the truck. worked on plans to move the big rig from the roadway. that turned out to be more difficult than they thought. destroyed by the fire with a content of the truck. >> food supply that absorb most of the water from the hoses make the truck heavy and more difficult to remove. chp believes the fire may have started when the front tire blew out. friction against the roadway may have caused spark which then ignited gas tank. all of that under investigation. this is 7 news.
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>> chevron today pleaded no contest and agreed to pay two million dollars in connection with the richmond refinery fire last year. the fire one year ago tomorrow in fact sent thousands of people to hospital complaining of respiratory problems. part of the two million dollar will could have restitution to local medical clinic. criminal charges include failure to correct efficiency at the plant and failure to use the proper equipment to protect employee. chevron spokeswoman issued a statement confirmed today agreement and it says the company is committed is committed to tenuous improvement in process safety and reliability at the facilit facility. today plea does nothing to settle lawsuit brought by the city of richmond last week. richmond mayor issued this statement saying quote we are glad chevron is acknowledging the criminal acts. our lawsuit wants real accountability so that such an incident never happens again. >> a lot more to get to on this busy monday. new study look noose the financial impact of governor controversial water project. is building 2 large
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tunnel to transport water just pouring money down the draichbility findings of state study on this just ahead. >> also. what court records reveal about the man accused of deliberately running down people on the venice boardwalk in southern california. spencer christian is here with the back to work weather. >> forecast center if you like cool weather you will love the week ahead. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> sounds good. thanks very much. >> also tonight. just in case you are wondering. why it appears the president isn't a big fan of kim kardashian
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jeans spz. >> we learn more tonight about the man accused of mowing down people along the boardwalk at venice beach. surveillance footage shows the rampage that killed annie tall i don't know bride on her honeymoon. 11 others were hurt. court records show nathan campbell served jail time for shoplifting trespassing in colorado. saturday tragedy sent beach goers running for their lives. >> this is horrible tra unthinkable act by somebody
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would drove on to the venice boardwalk and steamed just be targeting people to take their lives. i think it all hit us not only a famous place in los angeles. this is a world wide icon. >> venice beach boardwalk has reopened. police want prosecutors to charge campbell with murder. he's in jail. bail set at 1 million dollars. right now in southern california as well crew on the scene of growing brush fire threatening structure and forcing people from their homes tonight. this is happening in riverside county. fall fire it's called charred more than 1200 acres. ground crew being aided by choppers. planes and retardant dropping dc 10 plane doing pretty good job of protecting homes in the lien of fire. again crew name it the falls fire and burning as you see on the map in the canyon south of riverside. the cause of the fire is still unknown. >> red cross helping 17 people
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displaced by early morning apartment building fire in west san jose. kitchen fire destroyed 2 apartments in the waterbury court complex and shattered window and several others. good news nobody was injured. any displace residents will spend the night in hotel and will be cleared to return home once the power is restored to the building. >> new study finds governor brown delta water plan would be an economic boone for the state but environmentalist start buying this and capitol correspondent has the story. >> new study find governor brown controversial plan to build 2 gigantic tunnel in the sacramento san joaquin delta will bring net benefit of nearly 5 billion dollars to california plus 1 million jobs. twin tube will help transport water from northern california to the thirsty parts of the state. >> it's a good report. >>reporter: findings conclude it's a worthwhile investment especially since the delta
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water to 25 million californians. >> that's the hard thing for people to understand when it keeps coming out of the faucet but unless we take action for the next 25 or 50 years water will not be relabel to parts of the state. >>reporter: current water delivery system in the delta has been problematic. pump killing endangered fish and courts limited or even halted operation to save them. making it difficult for anyone especially farmers to count on new snri. governor brown plan divert water at different location shown here with broken line and restore habitat. 25 billion dollar project will be paid for by customer who will benefit. mainly the san joaquin valley and los angeles area through higher water bill bills. environmentalist and other opponent say the numbers are off the mark. they think the true cost is more than double the estimate because expenses outside the 2 tunnel like habitat restoration that taxpayers have to pay for are not counted. they also dispute the job numbers.
9:17 pm
>> this project really only creates 7 to continue jobs for every million spent. most public work project create 15 to 16 jobs per million dollars spent so we develop see it job wise in the real economic lose loser. >>reporter: administration hopes to have the plan up for public comment this fall. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> all right let's turn our tension to the back to work forecast. spencer is here as always. pulled not too bad. >> that was lovely day. mainly season in the afternoon hours but it was a little chilly at the coast. breezy her and temperatures below average last couple days and will remain that way for the rest of the week. but still quite please nlt. live doppler 7 hd we had low cloud fog at the coast throughout much of the day. start to work marine layer will work back across the bay inland locally inland during the overnight hours. how it looks early this morning at 8:30 clouds fog well inland. started off as sort of dreary looking day but all burned back to the coast line by midday
9:18 pm
certainly natural afternoon hours sunny inland and cool and chilly at the coast. right now we look dive from our roof top camera across the embarcadero under mainly clear sky so far. 54 degrees at san francisco. oakland 56. 60 mountain view and san jose los gatos 55 half moon bay. live view from the emeryville camera lack being west see evidence low clouds at the coast other temperature readings right now at 54 santa rosa 55 at nap a.novato 54. 61 fairfield 60 concord 59 at livermore. now one final live camera view of the bay golden gate bridge rather and these are our forecast feature we see low cloud fog overnight pushing locally inland across the bay. may spotty morning drizzle tomorrow morning and wednesday morning. mainly near the coast and we have cooler than average high pressure for the remainder of the week it appears and here's why as we lack at the radar satellite composite image of this big pool of very cool air associated with persistent
9:19 pm
upper level low. start our forecast animation now take you through the days of this week and see the cool air expanding as it moves eastward. that will lock us into the cooler than average pattern through friday. maybe over the weekend we start to warm-up a little bit. overnight tonight again lots of 80's of fog and low clouds drizzle interthe coast. low pressure mainly mid 50's. tomorrow we see mainly sunny skies by afternoon in the south bay with high ranging from mid 70's at santa clara and 80 at morgan hill. peninsula mainly sunny skies afternoon hours as well. high of 70 san mateo o. 72 pal a.on the coast foggy and cool and 58 at pacifica and 60 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 63. a little cooler over in the sun set district high top out at about 60. up in the north bay mainly season by afternoon with high gemly in the low to mid 70's. hay of 71 at santa rosa. 74 at nap a.east bay 66 degrees at oakland tomorrow. 68 san leandro. 72 at free mont and
9:20 pm
inland east bay 78 wall future creek and livermore. 79 at fairfield. 80 will be the hyatt antioch. accu-weather 7 day forecast for the remainder of the week. pleasant but high pressure well below average only up to 80 inland. about 10 degrees below the ample for many inland location. low 70's around the bay. 50's on the coast. warm-up to mid 80's inland over the weekend and early next week. get back to more seasonal levels at the ep of the week. >> still very pleasant. >> no rain operate way. >> thanks very much. >> still tonight 7 news at 9:00 boy not even in pre-school yet has been elected twice as mayor of minnesota town. find out why he's so popular. >> google founder goes from bit to byte. bank rolling the to byte. bank rolling the first hamburger developed
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>> president apparently thinks kim kardashian is a bad influence. in an interview today president obama says quote change in culture has distorted view of the american dream focusing now on material excess. when he was a teenager he says kids weren't monitoring every day what people lick kim kardashian was wearing or where kanye west was going on vacation. the president has criticized the reality show culture in general and the kardashian family specifically. first lady has told reporters her husband doesn't like his daughter watching keeping up with the kardashian. doesn't like the influence. >> 4-year-old boy has become the youngest person ever to be electedas mayor. bobby tough worldwide attention after being elected to second term yesterday. in minisociety it
9:25 pm
only has a pop litigation of 28 people. but thousands cast symbolic balance let by donating 1 dollar at weekend festival. his stand on ice cream tough to beat no. formal government so the role is ceremony. bobby had tough competition from lastment entry that was a pet lizard. but stand on ice cream won the day. >> while talking food some brave volume up tears eaten the first hamburger grown in the lab. project that has been secretly funded and backed by bay area tech titan. look at this. it was meat grown using the stem cell of cow. researchers at most university in the netherlands hope the process can help feed the world and fight climate change. they say cell taken from just one cow could produce 175 million burgers. imagine that. google co-founder revealed for the first time today he funded 33
9:26 pm
330,000 for the project. >> some people think this is science fiction not real somewhere out there i actually think that's good thing. if what you are doing is not seen by some people as science fiction probably in the transformative enough. >> so how do they snais that's the question. volunteers say it had the texture of meat but didn't have enough flavor because tere was no fat. still working on it. >> abc news has uncovered new information in the latest terrorist plot against the united states. coming up. where the country that the is now the focus of the investigation is and man believed to be part of the plo plot. santa klir couldn't ambulance company declares bankruptcy. find out who it could make emergency service better not worse. >> also. students fight back against school district social media policy. that is intended look at 'em.
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>> good evening once again. begin this half hour with the all out effort to stop america biggest enemy. al qaeda. newest terror plot. plot that include using surgically implanted bomb into people bodies. while america has made progress fateing al qaeda certainly in afghanistan and iraq the group is showing its resilience. we have more now from washington. >> tonight beefed up law enforcement. heighten awareness at airport from l.a. to new york and more scrutiny on those trying to enter the country. senior u.s. official tells abc fuss that the plot started in yemen and tonight u.s. officials are frantically searching for vehicle bomb al qaeda wants to use to blow up
9:31 pm
the u.s. embassy there and perhaps others as well. abc news also learned that true survillains in electronic eavesdropping more was discovered. including communication between al qaeda affiliates and someone in the u.s. not just electron inning conversations but through the mail as well. u.s. does in the know the content of the letters. >> in terrorist communication in general the simpler more primitive form of communication the more effective they are. >> this is who al qaeda has been communicating with in yemen. one of those behind the upped wear bomb printer cartridge bloom and surgecly im plentyed explosives. small bomb placed inside a human body especially dangerous if the bomb carrier boarded a flight this group is fairly ingenius. fairly bold. eager to cause daniel. >> today despite our long war on al qaeda in places such as
9:32 pm
afghanistan and pakistan affiliates now spread out across the map. in yemen sir why throughout after can as well as iraq and libya. where in reese than the day 1,000 of the world most dangerous prisoners were busted out of jail. >> wake up call. al qaeda stronger than it was before 9/11. because may take ited and spread. >> u.s. officials strongly disputed that saying the core al qaeda is decimated and it is much harder for the splinter groups to strike out globally but the white house spokesman reiterate that had this is the significant and serious threat. martha abc news washington. >> police arrested 7 people who chain themselves to the front of the state be in oakland today. activist say that they are doing this to show solidarity with state prison inmates now in the 27th day of a hunger strike. they all want the governor and corrections officials to end solitary cop
9:33 pm
finement. those demonstrators say they will stay as long as it takes to end what they consider torture. >> well now to abc 7 news follow-up to airport land value dispute in sonoma county we have been fog. as we reported last month county officials ordered to pay 135 offered to pay 135,000 dollars plus twice that for relocation expenses for some land adjacent to the charles m shuttle airport in santa rosa. but the owner held out for more. since property was valued at more than 400,000 dollars by the county tax assessor. well tonight she tells us that she has reached a settlement with the county for 8b 15,000 dollars. and she says it was our story that generated support for her cause from the community. >> the ambulance company that serve santa clara county filled for bankruptcy protection. rural metro says it services and response times will not be affected by this bankruptcy process. but in fact one county official says it could
9:34 pm
get even better. lee ann explains why. >> rate before filing for bankruptcy rural metro struck a deal with its lenders growing pay only half of its debt. santa klir county officials say that's the best possible outcome. >> means they have to comply with the service contract and means they have more resources to do it. >> rumor of rural metro filing for bankruptcy began circulating a month ago. company said operation are expected to continue as normal throughout the process. but that statement didn't apease too many people today. >> i do hazardous activity and picked up any day. >> i'm a little concerned about it. i would think if the people that are actually running on day to day basis are still committed to the jobs and probably will focus and try to dot best they cap. >> in july 2011 arizona base rural metro signed a 5 year contract with santa clara
9:35 pm
couldn't. last year in october and then again in december the company response time fell slightly below what is require required. the contract states the response time must be less than 12 minutes 90 percent of the time. company has been fined several times. >> we evaluate them day-to-day. >> since december the timing has been on target. that's because the county demanded that more ambulances be used. the company gets about 6500 911 call a month. and week ago one of the ambulances had maintenance problems while responding to a 911 call involving a 5 month old baby girl. back up ambulance had to then transport the child. >> they got maintenance issues they node deal w.on top of tha that. they know that they are going to be subject to very serious penalty if they don't perform. >> if rural metro is not able to perform the county has the ability to medley contract out
9:36 pm
with another ambulance carrier. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> one of the nation premier newspaper has new owner tonigh tonight. founder jeff base bought the "washington post"and other newspapers for 250 million dollars. he made the fortune by pie nearing shopping on line. while the washington post like post newspaper losing readers and advertisers to the newspaper that broke the watergate scandal forced to cut the staff and close several bureau. basis in a statement he understands the post critical role and says the value will not change. >> the some students near sacramento say school policy designed to prevent cyber -- cyberbully take away their right of free speech. some students in the school district expressed anger over this george warren has the story. sfichlt don't violent me.
9:37 pm
>> about 2 dozen students took part in that after school protest of new school policy. >> still american citizens entitled to the first amendment trite free speech. >> here's the policy. any student hoping to take part in a sport or other activity must sign that they won't participate in any social networking that shows illegal activity or ladies to bullying. >> what do we want? freedom. >>reporter: so why so much anger? just liking a facebook page or retweeting something that seems inappropriate can result in discipline. >> even if we don't post figure but our friends decide it's funny to tag us in a picture we will get in trouble for it when it's not our fault at all that our friend went and did something. >>reporter: it is a district wide policy once again meant to cut down on internet bullying. >> i believe that first foremost i need to protect the safety and make students feel welcome on campus so as long as board policy i will enforce it to make sure it's enforced.
9:38 pm
>> they are outraged and the district has not backed down from the policy. >>reporter: because it seems to be a first amendment issue, not surprisingly it is journalism students and their advisor who are most troubled. especially by the last line in the policy. inappropriate behavior as deemed so by the school district can be an offense. >> to put a catch all phrase that anything that the administration deems inappropriate can be used for punitive action is just so over reaching and broad that it's stunning. in the ignorance. >> george warren reporting. the student press law center already offered legal assistance to help the students fight this policy. >> a lot of men have a love affair with the cars and one father gave up the 4 wheel love when the family hit some tough times. 40 years later see what happens when the family gives ♪
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red stripe. hooray beer! i. >> budget friendly airline jet blue is planning to add first class seats to some of its nrichlts "wall street journal"reports the new seats will convert to live flatbed and some will be walled off from the isles by sliding door doors. jet blue calling the sweep. passengers who choose the premium seat hot meal and pre-alcoholic bench. new seats available next spring initially flights from new york to beth san francisco and los angeles. >> new to lesson on what it is to be america strong. from a father who gave up something he loved to raise his family and from the family decided to give it back. story america heart land brazil, indiana with teenager and first car. diane sawyer has the story.
9:43 pm
>> 40 years ago the beach boy ruled the radio. and 16-year-old named rick look bell saved money for mowing lawns to buy the car of his dream. bright green ford must tachlingt he tibingt on the first date with girl named jud judy. >> drive in and saw it movie conditioning kong after we started dating for awhile i took the console out and could sit close together. >>reporter: when he married judy the car was there. it was there for his son. and then the hard times came. gas station went under. he started working 2 jobs day and tonight to support his family. and he had to sell that car that was his youth. his heart. >> it was awful. most important thing in my life. my family. >> all he had left was key kept on the dress we are the message i love my ford. for 20 years his 4 children loved him for that sacrifice. >> we sdrpt a lot. but he made
9:44 pm
sure that what we wanted we had. >> always wanted to do something for our father. >> so against the odds the kids search together. old warranty car with the v.i.p. need led to ebay and collector who still had that bright green mustang and let them send a truck to florida to bring dad a surprise. on the big day in the kitchen dad 30's and the kids pretend to be shocked and worried about something outside the window. father trying to compute is what happening. there is a rumble. the voice of an old friend. 55-year-old former teenager wipe away tear tears. steps inside a memory made new again by the love of family. gave dad back youth and time and something unknown right around the bend. >> happy reunion indeed. diane
9:45 pm
sawyer reporting. coming up next at 9:00. honesty the best policy and the story of speeding dri
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
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that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ >> the truth caught up with a woman who tried to pull a fast one to get out of a speeding particular. the woman told new hampshire state trooper that she was driving 82 miles an hour because her father was dying and she was race to go get to the hospital to be by his side. the trooper let her go. but when he tried to verify the story he found out the father had been dead since
9:49 pm
2008. he also learned that the license plate on the car she was driving were suspended. so yesterday he knocked on her door armed with her father obituary and arrested her for driving after suspension of registration and for speeding. >> watch abc live stream now available in the bay area and tonight at 8:00 o'clock right now in fact use to it watch the nail biting season finale of the bachelorette. we are the first local station and we are the first broadcast net work to bring awe leif stream of the local news and all favorite abc tv show. never have to miss a meant of the news open the show that you love to watch. watch abc allow to you bring abc 7 along with you whatever you weren't to be. special new benefit brought to you by abc comcast charter communication and at&t at no additional cost. go to the abc 7 to find out thousand access watch abc. enter the tv provider
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account information to log in and get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to down load the app. very easy. works really well. >> let's go back to update the weather forecast. more moderate around the bay area. spencer. >> looking at life doppler 7 hd. cooling marine layer at the coast right there. live view from our emeryville camer day high pressure compared with the average high for this date these locations. you can see santa rosa was 11 degrees cooler than average today exploratorium sex degrees cooler. san jose 9 grease cooler. we are in that kind of pattern right now. state wide mild to warm in many locations. pay area it's mild but not nearly so warm as you would expect for august 6. inland high reach only to the 70's. maybe up to 80 in 1 or 2 location. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. for remainder of the week we have pleasant dry but below average techlt pleasant weather but finally
9:51 pm
warm-up in the mid 80's inland over the weekend into early fix week. pleasant week ahead just a little on the cool side. >> thanks very much. >> sports director larry is here crime and punishment in sports tonight e.yes. couple people got mad because i said alex was a fraud. they confronted me. no he's upstanding american now. convinced absolutely. want your children to be just like him. baseball hands down steroids suspension but one player vow to fight on that would be the alex rodriguez. he has about 100 milli
9:52 pm
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he. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. facebook ceo zuckerman makes political statement tonight. we are there as he introduces a new documentary about a major american issue. >> also getting married can be one of the happiest day of your life so why are more and more guests did he cling their invitation? those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on
9:55 pm
channel 7. larry is here with all the sports. >> that's it. activity thought had you an a-rod moment. >> ready for you to vent a little more. >> i'm under control. people e mailing me that are upset. you know who you are. major league baseball handed down toughest penalty for steroids ever toda today. 13 players sanction. 12 accepted the suspension. 13 is alex rodriguez suspend for 2 11 games. 2 11. all the way through the 2014 season and he's naturally paechlingt in the middle of this whole biogenesis scandal and admitted steroids use in the past. mlb claims he not only juiced again but then tried to happen perfect baseball investigation. republican and democrat rig east has been rehabing from hip surgery. hadn't played for the yankees at all this year. first game back was tonight. just as as you pension came down. single in the first at bat. a-rod appealing the suspension and will be able to
9:56 pm
play. he's allowed to play until an arbiter rules on the case. suspension would cost a-rod 34 million dollars so the man does have some motel vision to fight. >> i don't want to discuss that. i don't know whether the motivation is for any of this. i'll respect the process i feel in good that we have an opportunity to do that. in the right platform. nothing about it easy. all challengepinging. i'm sure mistake made along the way. we are her now. i'm a human being. i have had 2 hip surgery. i have had 2 knee surgery. i'm fighting for my life. i have to defebd myself. if i don't defend myself nobody else will. >> yes. a pitcher on the list of names connected with biogenesis as well he was not suspended. remember he served his 50 game suspension last season. a's rae signed the 40-year-old pitcher in the off season. turned out to be a
9:57 pm
great move. could loan 14 and 3 this year. he's in the a's best starting pitch they are year. outside of a-rod biggest name on the list at least a's fan is rangers outfielder nelson cruz. great year. 2 69 batting average 27 homer. 76 rbi. this is controversial. he will sit 50 games. he can play in the post season for texas. he's impending free agent. he's basically going to sit out now and hope to take the money next year. one of 12 players who accepted the sanction and tigers player and cabrera of the padres. former giant was among those who didn't get suspend. same deal creditd with tame served for 60 game ban last year. giants. started 7 game home stand against milwaukee. brewers. know all about the stuff because they lost to brawn for remainer of the season for his role. we talked with pitcher lopez about the whole mess.
9:58 pm
>> bitter sweet moment in baseball. seems like black cloud always seems to be falling no matter what we do to get the drug out of the game sometimes the big name need to fall to try to clean up the game now. this is obviously going to be a good step going forward. >> grateful dead night at the park. bob and garcia daughter tricksie and big red bill walton hawnl grateful dead fan. he stole my jacket. to the game now. scoreless in the third. milwaukee pitcher laying down the suicide squeeze and he missed it. scooter hung out to dry there 2 on for the giants in the fourth. blanco with the grounder. frn cisco throws away. 1 nothing giants. still 1 mug in the seventh. lacks like francisco crushed this fast ball. ground rule double. cold night. deepest part of the yard didn't good out. this scores jonathan to tie it at 1 and that's where we
9:59 pm
are right now. 1-1 in the eighth. football news. willis will not play in thursday nfl present season opener for the 49ers. should be ready for the packers on september 8. in the season opener. had surgery did on the broken right hand he suffered in one-on-one drill in practice last week. college football news johnny mansel continues to find new and creative ways to get himself into trouble of. latest the quarterback believed to have cut a 5 figure deal to sign autographs at the bcs titles game last year. that is a clear and obvious violation of ncaa rules. >> in the last 24 hours some other news has come to light if with johnny. lick i said it's not what happens to you it's how you deal with what happens to you that defines you. we start talking about that yesterday. >> really? >> really? johnny j
10:00 pm
dennis: watch this, side pocket. (billiard balls clacking) mac (gasps): whoa, dude. dennis: what? "christopher murray, a teacher at st. vincent's elementary,

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